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Think Strategy in Action

  • “Strategy in Action: an algorithm that harnesses naturally occurring cognitive tools to respond to complex, chaotic and fast-moving environments, with the purpose of generating strategy at the speed of disruption.”
    • from Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change

Strategy in Action (SiA) is specially designed for planning in an age of exponential change and disruption.; an age when connectivity, complexity and chaos run at hyper-speeds within the accelerating change cycles driven by new technology. In this environment, SiA focuses strategic action on real-time adaptation and changing ahead of change.

SiA consists of five basic elements that act dynamically to generate strategic action in sync with changing conditions. The elements are designed to flow together in a cycle that corrects itself when an organisation is headed toward a collision with conditions – especially those that create disruption.

The Strategy in Action Algorithm Diagram

The five basics elements of SiA are best understood as follows:

  1. Reading, understanding and continually monitoring immediate and emergent conditions;
  2. Perceiving the strategic opportunity-risks (SORs) that those conditions reveal;
  3. Identifying the sustainable value you and your team can generate out of those SORs;
  4. Determining the capabilities that allow you and your organisation to generate the sustainable value available within those SORs;
  5. Developing catalytic actions that build and launch the capabilities driving sustainable value generation.

Following the completion of a cycle through the five elements of SiA, course-correction is achieved by constantly monitoring conditions. Turning into conditions enables organisations to shift the focus of opportunity and risk, value capabilities and actions as the conditions change. This is strategy in action.

SiA may be applied at a rapid-fire rate in “micro cycle time”. Or it may be applied over a longer cycle of time — weeks or months — : whatever is required to deal with the complexity and speed of the conditions that have been identified. In any case, the objective is always to maintain SiA and generate sustainable value.

SiA has been applied to projects, strategic plans, innovation strategies, problem solving and entire organizational transformations. It has even been used for personal career planning, and it is our experience that anyone can use SiA for any strategic purpose.

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