Strategy in Action: Harness Innate Strategic Capability

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Harness the Innate Strategic Capability of your People

  • “If you have a sense of what works naturally, it’s hard to fail.”
    • – Buckminster Fuller

The SiA framework provides leaders with the ability to harness innate human strategic capability at all levels within their organisation.

Strategy in Action is already wired in our minds and manifests as a set of natural, everyday cognitive tools and behaviours. Although many people may not realise it, they constantly use these tools on a daily basis and are already incredibly agile strategists.

When doing everyday things (like crossing the road or driving a car) we are constantly checking conditions, gauging the opportunities and risks, seeking to generate value, using our capabilities and taking short, sharp, catalytic actions and making corrections as the conditions change around us. What many leaders and organisations are not good at is the harnessing of these tools and behaviours to optimally operate within complex and abstract circumstances.

The ability for people to understand and apply these same cognitive tools in the context of fast-moving, complex, and abstract scenarios is what separates those who are able to deal with disruption from those who aren’t.

At times embracing SiA may only require the re-awakening of people’s innate strategic instincts. More likely, these instincts must be surfaced and re-learned systematically. SiA must be practiced until it is internalised and becomes a core way of thinking, communicating and acting. In turn, SiA then also becomes a common framework which key decision-makers, teams and departments across an organisation can use to generate effective, responsive strategy.

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